Is Tua The Fall Guy For The NFL?

This past season the NFL has taken a hit on its brand. The most recent was the scary situation surrounding Bills DB Damar Hamlin when he suffered cardiac arrest after making a tackle on Monday Night football.  

Earlier in the season Tua Tagovaioa suffered a devastating injury on National TV on Thursday Night Football when he received a concussion after being thrown to the ground on a sack.   

The NFL knows that concussions are a HUGE issue and that their sport is an extremely dangerous sport and after the injury to Bills DB Damar Hamlin we all were awakened to the fact that even their lives are on the line when NFL players suit up.  

Tua’s and Damar’s injuries were at the worst moment for the NFL because the Nation’s eyes were focused on those games, and they can’t hide from the reality how seriously dangerous the game is.  

The fact is there are concussions, broken bones and all kinds of injuries EVEY GAME! But the NFL can hide the injuries that are not seen Nationally but when it happens on Monday, Thursday, Sunday Night games as well as the Holiday Games then it is exposed and the more exposure the more calls for something to be done and threatens the future of the NFL.  

Now there are other sports that are just as dangerous if not more than the NFL such as MMA, Boxing etc. None more popular than the NFL!  

When it comes to Tua is it the desire of the NFL to sit Tua for the rest of the season and force him to wait until the 2023 season kicks off before we see Tua play again? 

Tua sure is needed this week and if he is healthy and want to play the NFL should not interfere in his ability to play and earn a living just as the case for any of these NFL players who make their living playing the game, they are fully aware of the dangers involved. 

It just seems so odd that what was essentially a mild concussion suffered in Tua latest incident is taking longer to come back from than the first one he suffered that was much more serious. (As if any brain injury is not serious)  

We will find out this week if Tua was shelved for the season or if he can suit up for the playoff game up in Buffalo if he is medically cleared. 

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