Dolphins Playoff Bound!!!!

The highly improbable happened, with all the wheels falling off and even more injuries to key players during the game, our Miami Dolphins found a way to pull off a win today and are in the playoffs for the first time since 2016! 

What seemed like a forgone conclusion at 8-3 turned out to almost be the worst nightmare as Miami went on a 5-game losing streak heading into today’s game and the only good thing about it was the Jets were in just about the same boat because they also were riding a 5-game losing streak and had issues at their starting QB position. 

The game reflected the issues on offense on both sides as this was an ugly game dominated by both defenses and the 11 – 6 baseball score reflects it. 

Miami still found a way with Skylar Thompson to pull this one off and live into the post season. So back to Buffalo we will go for game three of this season with a series split 1-1 with both teams winning on their homefields. 

It will be a challenge to go into Buffalo and win but if somehow, we can get our starting QB back we just might pull off an upset, but if it is Skylar Thomson or Teddy Bridgewater behind center, it is highly unlikely we will win. 

But for now, let’s just enjoy the win today because it means all the rumors of offseason firing of our HC and GM will likely be laid to rest at least for one more season. 

2 thoughts on “Dolphins Playoff Bound!!!!”

  1. I just want them to “Show Up” and let it lose…. Tua will be the starter and we have a chance!

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