Mike McDaniel Should Stay!

Miami’s first year head coach has done more than enough to keep his job and the Dolphins need to not only retain him, but this time allow him to fix the real issues that plagued this team the entire year. Regardless if they win or lose this Sunday

Let’s go to the numbers: 

The Offense  

Miami’s offense has been the most exciting offense we have seen since Dan Marino started at QB. That is not some arbitrary statement, the numbers back it up. Miami’s offense has been a top 5 offense for most of the season reaching as high as #2 and despite the 5-game losing streak Miami’s offense currently ranks 6th in total offense. 

Who can argue that Mike McDaniel has turned Tua into a top 10 QB? Yes, it is unfortunate that Tua has been injury prone, but McDaniel is not to blame for that and Tua was not his draft pick, but he did exactly what he said he would do with Tua on that plane ride to Miami when he was hired.  

His offense still needs some fixing especially along an offensive line that has improved over last year but still needs upgrades along the line even at LT because Terron Armstead cannot stay healthy but when he plays, he is a beast! The run game did not live up to expectations and that falls somewhat on the offensive line and the lack of solid blocking TE’s. 

I would love for Miami to bring back both RB’s Mostert and Wilson and through FA and/or the draft get two young bulls to add to the mix. Offensively they are close and just need some additional talent at the two positions I mentioned also easily fixable through FA and the Draft. 

The Defense 

Mike McDaniel was convinced when hired to retain Josh Boyer who was Brian Flores DC in 2021 It seemed like the logical thing to do because of how Miami’s defense played down the stretch in 2021. Rumors were swirling that Brian Fores had taken over the play calling after Miami went 1-7 and it was Flores that was making the calls that turned Miami’s defense around. After a year with Boyer, it is obvious that Brian Fores was the one who turned Miami’s defense around and played at a high-level last season. 

Yes, our defense this year, especially in the backfield, suffered a rash of injuries that were hard to fathom and that has affected the play on the back end of our defense with a few pleasant surprises. Byron Jones being Awal didn’t help, and we did not see Xavien Howard as we are used to as he has dealt with injuries all season long. 

The only time I was impressed with Josh Boyer was in his resent press conference where the media was trying to provide injury excesses for Boyer for the poor play of the defense this year and Boyer was having none of it and he even identified the problems this defense had this year like awful third down defense, lack of turnovers, sloppy play, missed assignments to name a few. He at least owned up to the poor performance of his defense this year and other than the run defense his defense has ranked in the 20’s (bottom third) in the league. 

Special Teams 

Miami’s special teams have been ranked at the bottom of the league all season long and of the three units it has been the worst! They have allowed our opponets great field position all season even giving a few long returns and a TD return, on the other hand our ST’s have not given our offense good field position on their returns.

Jason Sanders has had a terrible season. He has missed kicks that high school kids can make, and it cost Miami a few games this year. 

Getting rid of Mike McDaniel, the only one that did a great job this year, is the wrong move. What Miami needs to do is give McDaniel ample time to fix his staff and grow into his position as the head coach of our Miami Dolphins. 

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