The “Insane” Miami Dolphins

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

After 15 years of INSANITY, I have had it! This is my rant to the entire tenure of Dolphins owner Stephen Ross who purchased Miami in 2008. I know Mr. Ross cares and wants desperately to bring an SB ring to Miami. As a hugely successful businessman I am sure he takes his business management skills and try to implement them in how he manages his team. 

I slightly recall as a business owner he is always looking for young bright-mined people to manage his business and he has obviously had much success doing business that way. His net worth is 11.6 billion dollars!! 

So naturally he thinks that formula will work in the NFL and that is why since he has owned the Dolphins EVERY head coach, he has hired has been first time prospects! (Joe Philbin, Adam Gase, Brian Flores, Mike McDaniel) So, in the 15 years he has had the team he has hired 4 head coaches (he inherited the late Tony Sparano) that means on average they got 3.75 years to fix this team. Compare that to long tenured coaches like Belichick, Tomlin, Harbaugh to name a few. 

I have been begging since the firing Joe Philbin for Miami to hire a VETERAN HC because every time you bring in a first time HC mistakes are going to be made and the only thing you should do is to give a young first time HC ample time to learn from his mistakes. 2-3 years is not enough time to change a team. He should have stuck with Philbin or Gase or Flores and worked out the issues that are bound to prop up with first time head coaches. 

After firing Flores, I just knew that Miami would seek out a veteran HC in fact I wanted Jim Harbaugh as our next HC. Maybe that can still happen?

Why Experience Head Coaches Matters in the NFL 

The reason why experience matters is that Head Coaching is one of the hardest jobs in the world, they spend crazy hours during the season every week preparing the team for the next opponent. So do assistant coaches but the difference is that an experienced head coach has resources that first time HC’s do not have. Like the ability to fully build his staff with qualified tested people he has hired before! Most first-time head coaches do not have that ability. 

Let’s look at current HC Mike McDaniel as an example. When he was hired, he was strongly encouraged to retain Josh Boyer and Danny Crossman from Brian Flores’ staff. Do you think an experienced HC would agree to that? No, because he already has “HIS PEOPLE” in place and he would demand that he bring his own staff to coach this team. 

I can assure you in hindsight Mike McDaniel wish he went with what was rumored to be his DC choice Vic Fangio.

Everything about our Defense is so wrong! Josh Boyer always has that clueless look on his face, and to be honest as much as I love Sam Madson and Patrick Surtain can an argument be made that they are not as qualified as this team might have needed especially considering the situation with the DB/CB position and injuries? 

Now rumors are out that another potential blow up of this team’s coaching staff might happen this off-season including the head coach and GM. As much as I have defended GM Chris Grier at this stage and after this meltdown, I am open to any change if the people they bring in have experience!

Be it Sean Payton or Jim Harbaugh I do not care just as long as it is not another first-time head coach because this is beyond insanity at this point! 

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