Dolphins Place Eric Fisher on I/R?

This is the kind of stuff that drives me crazy as Miami tries to scrape the bottom of the barrel to fix their O-Line that is somewhat improved from last year but still needs a lot of help! 

Eric Fisher was farming in Kansas before signing with Miami Dolphins That was a headline just after Miami signed Fisher on December 22nd. What were they expecting? Who worked him out? He never suited up and is now on I/R? 

These are the kind of moves that justify people calling for the GM’s head there are numerous times over the years that they have wasted the owner’s money by bringing in old washed-up players that end up never playing or getting or being hurt more than playing and end up being a waste! 

Miami needs to stop spending money on players that are just out for the Money like Byron Jones, Will Fuller just to name a few who took the money and ran!!!!

Time to do a better job vetting these thieves! 

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