Worst Defense In The AFC East!

Omar Kelly said this back in February as Mike McDaniel finalized his staff for his first year as head coach. 

“I can tell you this as a fact,” Kelly said on an episode of his YouTube show “X’s & Omar.” “Players on defense are not very pleased with Josh Boyer being named defensive coordinator. We will see what happens here because they know that Boyer’s scheme, concepts, approach did not lead to success last year.” 

Kelly has stated both this episode and in the past that when Miami’s defense stepped up during the second half of the season, it was Flores who was actually calling the plays. 

A year into his first season I am sure Mike McDaniel regrets retaining not only Boyer but ST”s coach Danny Crossman too. Both of their units have been the worst in the league and the numbers bear that out. 

As of this week Miami’s defense has its highest rankings of the season in total defense at #20, but throughout the season they have ranked from 25th – 22nd on a consistent basis. They are one of the worst in 3rd down defense and have only been good at one thing, stopping the run. 

Miami’s defense has allowed opponents to score more than our offense. They allowed 23 points per game during their 8-3 start and allowed more than 30 points per game during this 5-game losing streak. 

In defense of our defense are the injuries and yes, we have had a huge share of injuries this year especially in the secondary. But so have other teams! Even with the injuries Miami has just as much talent on defense as our division rivals and for the Dolphins to have ranked all season in the lower half in total defense is unacceptable! 

The mistakes made on defense and their failure to get more sacks, turnovers to get the ball back in the hands of our offense cost us quite a few games and their failure to get off the field in third downs allowing our opponent to control the time of possession was a huge factor in our losses this year. 

For some reason some blame the offense and even though our offense has had its problems who can honestly deny that it was our offense that won us 8 games when Tua was healthy? Miami’s offense has ranked as one of the top offenses all season long as high as the 2nd ranked offense to today ranked the 6th best offense in the league. As for special teams they are ranked 31st and have been a bottom ranked unit all season. 

Miami has the worst Defense in our division, the Jets, Bills and New England are top 10 defenses in the NFL while our Dolphins are ranked 20th. 

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