Is Mike McDaniel On The Hot Seat?

When you win, they love you, when you lose, they want you fired. Mike McDaniel was on top of the world 11 games into the season. He was the darling not only in the Dolphins community but also around the NFL. 

Then the schedule had Miami headed west to face McDaniel’s former mentor and close friend Kyle Shanahan of the San Francisco 49ers a team that was also emerging as a contender. That was the beginning of a 5-game losing streak that now the Dolphins need help to get into the playoffs. 

Now McDaniel and his team have rightfully received criticism from fans and the media because how can such an epic meltdown happen and why can’t he fix the problem? 

The Dolphins have one shot to make the playoffs and if they fail to do that will Miami owner Stephen Ross make a change at the head coaching position? 

In July I wrote this article Is Getting Ross a Ring Miami’s Top Priority? In it my main point was the age of Ross and how his time as owner is short lived due to his age and the Dolphins seem to desperately be trying to get Ross a SB ring and he will retire, or father time will settle things naturally. 

If that is the motivation of Miami, then even Mike McDaniel might find himself on the outs if Miami doesn’t make the playoffs. 

Remember Sean Payton and Tom Brady will be legal to pursue this off-season and we already gave up one of our first-round draft picks for tampering with both. 

Stay Tuned! 

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