Can Skylar Thompson Save The Season?

Miami enters the final game of the season, a game in which if they win and the Bill win the Dolphins will make the playoffs. Unfortunately, the Dolphins have imploded these last five weeks of the season with injuries to their young franchise QB who’s had injuries concerns.  

Tua Tagovailoa has suffered 2-3 concussions so far this season depending on who you want to believe. Now to some that signals a need to retire and as for Miami it paints a dark cloud on the future of the most important position for any NFL team. 

Miami, knowing Tua’s injury history brought in Teddy Bridgewater this off season to back up Tua, but Teddy has been even more injury prone and has not completed a single game he has come in as the backup. 

This has forced rookie QB Skylar Thompson to come in as Teddy’s relief and play. Skylar in his first relief vs the Jets early in the season looked like a dear in the headlights and was unprepared and it showed.  

Ironically, it’s that very same Jets team that is coming to Hardrock Stadium to spoil Miami’s chances to make the playoffs, even though the Jets do not have a shot at the playoffs don’t think they don’t want to sweep Miami to end their own 5 game slide to end the season with a win. 

Skylar has shown some promise and the good news is he will take first team snaps the entire week and he will be prepared. He is no Purdy, but he can win against the Jets if he protects the ball. 

At this stage I am exhausted with this team and have no preconceived ideas about this game. It’s a toss-up because the Jets bring a top defense to the table and Miami brings a top offense, but the other side of both teams are one of the worst in the NFL. 

Here’s to hoping Skylar Thompson does pull this one out and save not only the season but possibly some jobs. 

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