Teddy Bridgewarter Shoud Be A Healthy Scratch!

I have seen enough, hometown hero or not I have not been impressed with Bridgewater since training camp and preseason. He was a wasted addition to this team, and I can’t believe I was happy he was signed, as we let the sloth Jacoby Brissett walk in free agency.  

I truly thought Teddy was a very good replacement, but he has not. He just seems so uninterested, emotionless and immature. Teddy got jokes but his play is more of a joke! I am not on the Skylar Thompson bandwagon but for now he is the best option on the team other than Tua. 

Miami needs just one win, and they might get into the playoffs if Buffalo wins this Sunday vs the Patriots. Still, this has been the biggest Meltdown I have seen in quite a while. 

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