Tua Tagovailoa Is Our Future!

After 20+ years of searching for a Franchise QB, we finally drafted one and our fickle fan base are looking for his replacement. Why?  

Well, it is quite simple, the talking heads who make money writing any story about our young franchise QB are made up of mostly Jets and Patriots reporters or former players. (AKA HATERS) The weak-minded insecure Dolphin Fan base is easily convinced by the “Taking Heads” to believe the negative propaganda spewed.  

Here is the truth of what is going on. The Dolphins are finally on the right track as the evidence provided by first year HC Mike McDaniel and his offensive scheme. This is the best offense since the Marino days and Tua is the perfect QB for this scheme. Miami’s offense has ranked in the top 5 all season.  

The fear of Miami being a dominant team in our division has Bills, Jets and Patriots fans extremely nervous and just hoping things don’t work out in Miami. Think about this, if Tua was playing for the Jets or Patriots with the same success as he is having in Miami, do you think that their fans or media personalities would be saying that Tua should retire due to the two concussions he has had?  

They spew that doom and gloom hoping that Tua does retire because he strikes fear in them when he is playing like he has this year. The sad thing is our fan base foolishly agrees and have turned on Tua. I suspect that this latest concussion suffered by Tua is a mild concussion that will be cleared real soon.  

As for concussions there are many concussions every week, why is it that Tua is the poster child for the NFL on concussions? Why aren’t other players who have had concussions not being encouraged to retire? 

IN Boxing, MMA and many other sports, concussions are a way of life. Don’t tell me that all that head Trama going on in those other sports don’t produce 100’s of concussions! 

Ultimately the decision is up to Tua about his future and I for one want him to take the rest of the REGULAR SEASON off and should we make the playoffs put on his worrier marks on his face and lead his team in the playoffs. 

Remember before Mike McDaniel came to Miami and opened Tua’s eyes and rebuilt his confidence these same talking heads were questioning if Tua was a legitimate NFL starting QB, well he has answered that question resoundingly this year.   

I could care less about those talking heads out there who have a hidden agenda when they post videos or spend too much time on their shows talking down Tua because they know that Tua’s name sales and weather you are talking Negative or Positive about Tua they are making money because they get major “Click Bate” with anything Tua!  

What is disappointing is that many of my fellow Dolphin Fan Base have given up on our QB who has been in the top 10 all season long. That means he’s better than two-thirds of the entire NFL QB’s and if not for the resent slide he would be a top 5 QB.  

Too many of you are being blinded by comparisons to Mahomes, Allen, Burrow and Herbert and we can use all kinds of stats to try and justify who is better. But just the fact that our QB is in that same conversation with those top QB’s shows he is one of the best young QB’s in the NFL. that should open your eyes to what we have and keeping in mind how long it took us to get him, it just boggles my mind that any true Dolphin fans are jumping off the Tua bandwagon. 

As the saying goes some people don’t know what they have until it’s gone! 

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