Slim Hope?

Well, it all boils down to the final game of the season vs the Jets, believe it or not. Here is how Miami can end their 5-game slide and make the playoffs. First Miami needs to beat the Jets who themselves are riding a 5-game losing streak and they then need Buffalo who needs a win next week to beat New England in Buffalo and Miami is in. All will be forgotten as the playoffs create a fresh slate for all teams to make a run. 

Make sure Skylar Thompson gets all the first team reps and cut Teddy Bridgewater and sign another QB! 

2 thoughts on “Slim Hope?”

  1. As slim as it is, at least there’s hope. If I was GM in the off season I’m offering Xman and a 3rd to SF for Purdy, letting him compete for the starting position and sending Skylar back to the PS where he belongs.

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