Miami @ New England (Preview)

Miami on a 4-game slide, faces one of two other teams in the AFC East that are currently on losing streaks (Jets 4 game slide also) The Patriots are a mess more so than Miami as their offense is one of the worst in the league. Is it possible that it’s because they have a ST Coach and DC calling the offense? 

There is no doubt that the breakup between Brady and Belichick has done more damage to the Patriots than anything. Belichick is looking less like a genius and if not for his history he should be on the hot seat for all the stupid moves this off season alone! He has done that team a disservice to the GM role because he is not very good at that job and it’s too much for anybody let alone the 70-year-old dinosaur. 

Miami needs to win this game and close out the season by beating the Jets at home next week. Unfortunately, our star franchise QB is once again in concussion protocol for a second time this season and the remaining two games I see him sitting out if not the rest of the season and possibly a career ending issue. (I don’t want to go there for now) 

So now we have veteran QB Teddy Bridgewater stepping in again for a third time this season, to be honest I have not been too impressed with Teddy’s play since he’s been here, he seems disinterested. I’ll just keep hope alive. 

On to the Matchup:        

  • Where: Gillette Stadium (Foxborough, Mass.) 
  • When: Sunday, January 1st, 2023     
  • Time: 1p.m. EST       
  • Weather: 54 °F Rain  
  • Point Spread: Dolphins (+3)       
  • O/U 41.5       
  • TV: CBS     

The matchup: on Offense          

Miami enters the game 5th place in total offense with 370.8 yards per game, they are 2nd in passing averaging 274.9 YPG. They are 27th in rushing with just 95.9 yards rushing per game.           

New England enters the game 24th in total offense with 317.2 yards per game, they are 21st in passing offense, averaging 208.6 YPG. They are 22nd in rushing, averaging 108.6 yards rushing per game.           

The matchup: on Defense          

Miami enters the game 21st in total defense giving up 353.8 YPG. They are 2t8h against the pass allowing 244.7 passing yards per game. They are 10th against the run giving up 109.1 rushing yards per game. Allowing 4.3 yards per rush.          

 New England enters the game 8th in total defense giving up 320.9 YPG. They are 14th against the pass allowing 213.1 passing yards per game. They are 9th against the run giving up 107.8 rushing yards per game. Allowing 4.2 yards per rush.           

The Strategy:      

As much as running the ball this time of the year is paramount, both teams have top run defenses so they might not have success running against each other. I still would like Miami to run the ball and not give up on the run. Miami has a top 10 offense while the Patriots have a top 10 defense.  

McDaniel’s pass-happy ways will most likely continue even with Teddy as the starter. Look for Tyreek and Waddle to have a good game even if they get more runs after the catch yards. 

My Take:          

The Dolphins have been a huge disappointment in the month of December and have been proven to be a second-tier team that is trying to limp into the playoffs. Despite a 4-game losing streak they can still get in by just winning their next two games. 

I have Zero confidence in Teddy and feel he is a waste and should not be on this team beyond this season. If he Steps up and delivers in the next two games, then that might change my opinion but to me his body language and play says he’s washed up! 


Miami 24, New England 23 

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