Time To Shut Tua Down!

While some want to debate the number of concussions Tua has had this season 2 or 3 any time he surpasses one it should be the responsible decision to shut him down for the season. 

The hypocrisy and murky nature of how the NFL has dealt with these brain injuries is mindboggling! 

Head Coach Mike McDaniel talks about how much he cares for his players then now is the time to prove it by pulling the plug on Tua and letting him take the appropriate time to heal and have a great plan B at QB next year when Tua comes to camp. One more concussion and it should be a rap for his career as an NFL player. 

First and foremost is the immediate health of Tua and it should not be in his hands to make that call the Dolphins need to step up and do the right thing by making sure Tua doesn’t suit up the rest of this season. 

The NFL needs to have a rule that if a player gets a concussion that they must be placed on I/R for 4-6 months and if they get two in a single season that they should be forced to give up the season. Just like if a player has a serious knee injury.

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