TDS Rant: Calling Out Dolphins Fans

I am a lifelong Dolphins fan; I have lived through the best of times and the worst of times with this team. I was living and watched the Dolphins go undefeated 50 years ago in 1972 I was 10 years old and remember crying my eyes out whenever my team lost games as a young fan. There was more joy than tears under the best head coach in NFL History, Don Shula. 

I was there when Miami drafted Dan Marino and watched every game he played. He was an amazing QB that only got one shot at a SB in his career. 

I lived through the aftermath of losing Dan Marino to retirement and seeing the 20+ years of futility in trying to draft the next franchise QB for this team. I supported Ryan Tannehill until the light came on that he was not the answer even though he was better than what we ever had since Marino’s retirement at the time. 

In 2020 Miami drafted Tua Tagovaioa and the fanbase went crazy, I at the time was not a fan of the pick because in my final mock draft of that year I wanted LB Isiah Simmons and for the Dolphins to pick up Cam Newton as our QB moving forward. I was wrong because TUA was the best option! 

Since Miami drafted Tua there has been this strange National negative feedback on our Young QB. He was undermined in his first two seasons by an HC who did not want him as his starting QB. Rumor has it he wanted a different QB. Some say Jordan Love others say it was Justin Herbert who many feel should have been Miami’s pick in the 2020 NFL draft. (IN HINDSIGHT) 

The problem with a fickle fanbase like my fellow Dolphins fans is they are clueless and most likely don’t even watch the games all the way through or even at all. They react to the opinions of the talking heads or what others say because they are spineless followers who can’t think for themselves! 

The talking heads on TV are made up mostly of New York media personalities or former BIAS New York players like Keyshawn Johnson or Bart Scott, two of the biggest Tua haters in the world! Did you notice when the Jest started to play decent football how these clowns fawned all over the Jets? Not just them but also Rich Eisen and Mike Greenberg to name a few. They so desperately want their Jets to be better than Miami. 

Then you have a popular you tube forum called the AFC East Roundtable where 4 fans of the AFC teams represent their teams in a weekly format and debate each other about their teams. The person who represents our Dolphins is a guy called “TD Phins” he is a fickle on and off the Tua bandwagon like most of you who love him when we win and hate him when we lose. 

Shame on my fellow Dolphin Fans if you have given up on our young FRANCHISE QB who is the best QB we have drafted since Marino, he is better than any QB we have had on this roster since Marino. 

We don’t need to have the best QB in the NFL just one of the best and Tua is one of the best QB’s right now in the league period, the numbers dont lie!

Tua is currently a top 10 QB in the NFL and he is number one in passer rating in the NFL, Number 3 in QBR, 85th in sack yards lost, 26th in sacks taken, 7th in TD to INTs, 2nd in longest TD pass in the season 84yard pass, tied for 5th in passing yards per game 272.9 YPG. If you looked at those numbers and did not know who the QB was you would gladly want that QB! Those numbers are more impressive when you remember that Tua also missed two games earlier in the season. 

I don’t get you fans who are jumping off the Tua bandwagon because what makes everything Tua is doing so great is that this is his first time with Mike McDaniel, and you can almost say Tua red shirted his fist two years with Brian Flores who openly tried to do all he can to sabotage Tua’s young career. 

SHAME ON YOU IF YOU CALL YOURSELF A DOLPHIN FAN and you are not behind the best QB we have had since drafting Dan Marino!!!!!! 

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