Shoud Miami Go After Zach Wilson?

This might be nothing more than me throwing something against the wall hoping it will stick. But hear me out anyway.  

It is quite apparent that Zach Wilson’s days are numbered with the Jets as everybody has turned on him especially the fanbase and as much a HC Robert Saleh wants to support his young QB that situation has soured so badly in New York that they will have to move on this off-season. 

Miami has a serious situation with our Young QB who is dealing with concussion issues that could be career ending. It is my hope that Miami just put him on season ending I/R and let him heal and bring him back with competition next training camp. 

Now it is very unlikely that the Jets would allow Miami to get Wilson as I do not see them willing to trade their young BUST QB within the division, but if they are willing to listen Miami should explore that option. No matter what they will have to bring in competition for Tua and I feel Wilson have the skill set to thrive under HC Mike McDaniel and much like he did with Tua who needed his confidence to be rebuilt after the crap he put up with Brian Flores, I feel Mike McDaniel can rebuild the confidence of Wilson in a similar manner. 

Like I said this might be nothing more than a “Pipe Dream” but what is wrong with dreaming? 


2 thoughts on “Shoud Miami Go After Zach Wilson?”

  1. Point noted…..but my point was that under McDaniel he might help Wilson mature. Don’t forget his is just 23 years old

  2. I’ve got no issue with bringing in some competition, but a guy who doesn’t take responsibility for his own failures isn’t it. I would be going after Brock Purdy.

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