Can Miami Win With Teddy Bridgewater?

With the uncertainty about the status of our starting QB Tua Tagovailoa for this week’s game and possibly the rest of the season. Miami paid some good money to free agent QB Teddy Bridgewater to back up Tua for this very reason! 

I’ll be the first to tell you that Teddy was a huge disappointment so far when he was called on to come in for Tua. The guy looked unprepared and uninterested to me and that just burned my breeches! 

I was extremely disappointed in his play, for him to be our veteran backup and our rookie 7th round pick was truly outplaying Teddy throughout training camp was upsetting! 

Now the Dolphins need one or more wins in the last two games to make the playoffs and with Tua possibly sidelined for the remainder of the season and possibly the playoffs do you trust that Taddy can deliver on his end? We just might have to ride Teddy for the rest of the season and the question I have is if he is up to the task? 

I am truly on the fence on this one and will take a wait and see attitude if Teddy is the starter this Sunday in New England……..our season is on the line and in his hands if he starts! 

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