Miami vs Green Bay (Review)

From 8-3 to 8-7 as Miami losses their 4th game in a row and it all boils down to the play of our QB who threw 3 INTs in the 2nd half. This was another tale of two halves of football and momentum changes that started just at the end of the second quarter when Raheem Mostert fumbled the football and allowed the Packers, who were down 20-10, to get a field goal.   

Someone must have told Miami that the game was over at half time because they failed to show up in the 2nd half as they produced zero points and our QB played Santa for the Packers and their fans by tossing 3 back-to-back interceptions down the stretch in the fourth quarter.  

All the talk about building a team to play it’s best ball in December has been unfulfilled and I know many of my fellow Dolphins fans are bummed out, but if you look at the BIG PICTURE this is just year one of Mike & Tua’s relationship and even though there are clearly things they both need to improve on I feel that we have it right with both. Time and seasoning is what they will need to finally win games in December. There is still some hope left as we head to New England who have lost 4 of their last 5 games. 

The Dolphins still control their own destiny if they win the next two games, they will make the playoffs and it’s a new season then. 

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