Mike Gesicki’s Wasted Season

Where is Waldo/Mike Gesicki? He has been MIA! What happened to our once top-rated pass catching TE? Change! Yes, Miami changed head coaches last offseason and the new HC system requires a traditional “Blocking TE” and the one knock on Mike Gesicki was that he is not a good blocker.  

I think the intent when Miami decided to sign Gesicki to a 1 year, $10,931,000 contract was to have a look at how Gesicki fits with this system hoping that he can improve in blocking. 

With the year coming to an end, we can see that it just has not worked and the most likely situation will be that Mike Gesicki will move on as the Dolphins have failed to utilize him like many of us had hoped. 

I am saddened that this did not work and there is no way Miami will shell out another 10 million dollars for a TE that just is not a fit for the system the team runs. So, it is almost 100% sure Gesicki will not be a Dolphin next year. 

I had Gesicki on my FF league team this year and he was on my bench due to his weak numbers; I will try and get him on my team next year because the team that gets him will use him like he is meant to be used and his numbers will go back to those like he put up last year his best as a pro. 

The one disadvantage of changing coaches is to always lose one of your favorite players because they do not fit the new system. It is not a right or wrong thing more than it just did not work. 

Was this a wasted season for Gesicki? Well he did get 10 million dollars…. 🙂

1 thought on “Mike Gesicki’s Wasted Season”

  1. I’m a Gesicki fan as well, (almost bought his jersey before the season) but it appears Smithe is a better fit in this system.

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