Was Tua Snubbed in Pro Bowl Voting? 

In this watered-down version of the NFL Pro Bowl Tua Tagovailoa did not make it as a starting QB despite getting more votes than any other PLAYER in the league. 

Tagovailoa was voted for 306,861 times, over 35,000 times more than Patrick Mahomes, who was the quarterback with the second-most votes and third-most overall. ——USA TODAY 

How can that be after getting the most fan votes that Tua ends up an alternate? My Fellow Dolphins fan are truly amazing, and their vote outweighed any other fan base vote, to beat out Patrick Mahomes in voting is amazing. 

There will always be a debate by fans about who is the Better QB, I look at it as there are different styles of QB’s that you just can’t compare, with their own unique skillsets

Remember when we first got Tyreek Hill this offseason and he created a bunch of controversy when he said Tua was the most accurate QB he has ever played with. Oh, how the talking heads exploded after hearing Tyreek say what he said! How drae you say Tua is better then Mahomes? That was not what Tyreek said!

Fast forward to now and if Tyreek said the exact same thing people can see that what Tyreek said can be possible because Tua is a very accurate QB. That is one of his qualities. 

Tua being compared to Josh Allen or Justin Herbert is just asinine because those two are cyborgs QB’s with bodies like “Big Ben” or “Cam Newton” for example. It’s just a stupid comparison. Tua more accurately should be compared to a QB like the retired Drew Breese. 

Tua always being compared to Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert is not even fair. Unlike those QB’s Tua is just now in his NFL career playing in a system that suits him and for a Head Coach who supports him. Unlike Allen, Mahomes, Burrow & Herbert who have played in the same support system since being drafted!  

Was Tua snubbed in the Pro Bowl? No, the QB’s ahead of him have done better and truly deserve to get the vote over Tua. After years of futility in searching for a franchise QB after Marino retired, I am just happy that our QB in year one of Mike McDaniel’s system is in the conversation of being a top QB in the league and that the Dolphin fan base has embraced Tua as a Top QB in the NFL. 

Tua was named an alternate to the Pro bowl and that means he is considered a top rated QB in the league, we should be proud of that and embrace him because as the years roll along and Tua masters McDaniel’s system he will prove to be a top QB in the NFL. 


2 thoughts on “Was Tua Snubbed in Pro Bowl Voting? ”

  1. I still don’t think it would happen because he’s not better than Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, or Joe Burrow, but he is a top 10 quarterback, with room to grow.

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