Adversity Is Here!

When you win, you’re a genius, when you lose you are a bum. When you win people love you, when you lose, they want you fired. When you win your idiosyncrasies are tolerated, when you lose, they start to irritate you. (The rambling man) 

Mike McDaniel talks a lot about adversity to the team and the media. The first-time adversity hit his team this season was when Tua was concussed, and the team went on a 3-game losing streak. 

Tua came back and the team started to win again, people were saying they were winning because they were beating weaker opponents. Well, that is what they should have done just like every team in the NFL.

Now reality has settled in, Miami so far is proving their critics right, this current 3 game losing streak came against teams they should have beat. At least the two west coast games where they were in some funk! 

The loss to Buffalo in Buffalo was expected by everybody looking at the schedule before the season started, it was just nice that Miami ended that 7-game losing streak vs Buffalo earlier in Miami. 

The next three games on the schedule are games Miami should win but that was the case with the west coast swing they should have beaten the 49ers and Chargers and had they played them like they played Buffalo our Dolphins would be 10-4 in the AFC East. Unfortunately, they have been stuck at 8 wins in the last three games and there are truly no easy games for this team. 

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