Time To Lean On The Run Game!

Now is the time for Miami to lean more on the run game moving forward, in fact in Mike McDaniel’s game plan he should have a 50/50 run pass play, that should have been the case all along.   

Miami has speed on this team and when you think of that speed, most will look at our WR’s Hill & Waddle and that is true, but the RB position has a player who is just as fast, Raheem Mostert!  

Mike McDaniel is in love with his WR’s, especially Hill but he needs to show equal love to the RB’s because they are the ones Miami needs to lean on to win winter games.  

I am convinced that had Miami run the ball more in the last three losses they would have won two if not all three.   

In the Buffalo game what was more concerning was that Raheem Mostert did not get more than 17 carries in a game where he was averaging 8 yards per carry, he should have had 20 plus touches. In fact, they need to trust the run game more and not be so pass happy! Salvon Ahmed ran for over 6 yards a pop in that game also!   

Getting Jeff Wilson back who adds that element of power that compliments Mostert’s speed Miami can have a potent rushing attack to complement a potent passing game. 

I love our HC, but he has blown it by giving up on the run game and not relying on it more. Mostert with the speed he has needs to get 20+ touches per game. It takes one play to break it to the house just as it can in the passing game. The difference is the run game gives you better time of possession and against Buffalo the goal should be to keep Josh Allen on the bench by controlling the time of possession!  

Here’s to hoping Mike McDaniel shows a little more love to the RB’s. 

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