Miami @ Buffalo (Preview)

Despite all the noise this is just another game on Miami’s schedule win or lose they still have a path to the playoffs, they just need to win 3 out of the last 4 games to guarantee a playoff spot, even with 2 wins they might can make the playoffs.  

This is the first year in 7 tries that the Dolphins will have either split the season vs Buffalo or outright sweep them. (You know what I want) Miami earlier this year snapped a 7 game losing streak to Buffalo, it was a hot day, and the Bills were worn out by the heat.  

Now we are heading to their turf where it will be a cold wintery day with the temperature in the 20’s, snow from 1″-9″ inches and windy up to 30 miles an hour!   

So many are just hammering Miami as a worm weather team that will not handle the weather. Stats are all over the place that Tua can’t win in the cold despite him being 2-0 in New England.  

Miami’s head coach said this about the weather:  

Mike McDaniel: Weather changes. You expect it to be as cold. There could be 5 feet of snow. You know it won’t be room temperature. You mentally decide if it’s going to matter to you or not. Do the Bills players vacation in Buffalo? Yeah, you get used to it. But it’s a mindset.  

Miami no matter what will be the underdog vs Buffalo at Buffalo. This game would be a huge deal should Miami come away with the win but if they lose it was expected. What I want just as much as a win is for this team not to get blown out by the Bills but make it a close game win or lose!  

On to the Matchup:         

  • Where: Highmark Stadium, Orchard Park, NY
  • When: Saturday, December 17, 2022    
  • Time: 8:15 p.m. ET       
  • Weather:  
  • 33 °F (Snow) Wind: 17 mph 
  • Point Spread: Buffalo -7.5      
  • O/U 42        
  • TV: NFL Network    

The matchup: on Offense        

Miami enters the game 7th place in total offense with 367.8 yards per game, they are 2nd in passing averaging 277.9 YPG. They are 29th in rushing with just 89.8 yards rushing per game.         

Buffalo enters the game 2nd place in total offense with 397.1 yards per game, they are 6th in passing offense, averaging 263.4 YPG. They are 8th in rushing, averaging 133.7 yards rushing per game.         

The matchup: on Defense        

Miami enters the game 20th in total defense giving up 350.8 YPG. They are 23rd against the pass allowing 242.5 passing yards per game. Miami is 7th against the run giving up 108.3 rushing yards per game. Allowing 4.3 yards per rush.        

Buffalo enters the game 9th in total defense giving up 319.3 YPG. They are 19th against the pass allowing 219.5 passing yards per game. Buffalo is 4th against the run giving up 99.8 rushing yards per game. Allowing 4.2 yards per rush.         

The Strategy:    

Miami still must try to run and stay at it; I am not sure why they fail to do this. One run by Raheem Mostert can be taken to the house. Also, it’s dink and dunk time if teams move their LB’s off the line to cover the middle. Screens, hitting our RB’s or TE in check downs and let them draw the LB’s back close to the line. 

Miami’s defense needs to step up! I have Zero confidence in our defense, and I am praying that we have a new DC next season who can utilize the talent we have to the fullest. 

My Take:        

This was a loss to me for Miami when the schedule came out and I have seen nothing to change my opinion especially after the last two games. Now I HOPE Miami wins but would not bet on a win. Just hoping we avoid getting blown out. 


Buffalo 30, Miami 24, 

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