Byron Jones, This Years Will Fuller?

M.I.A, that is what Byron Jones has been this entire season, much like Will Fuller last year. I don’t get it, no explanation, no show on the sidelines or at the facility.  

Head Coach Mike McDaniel was repeatedly asked throughout the season and always had an optimistic view on Byron Jones making a return this season.  

His latest reply has left no doubt that Jones most likely will miss this season and the mystery behind his disappearance just seems to be more than a leg injury he had operated on back in March! 

Mike McDaniel said this: 

“I’m very happy and comfortable with the players that we’ve been playing with at that position all season and I’m more focused on that,” McDaniel said. “And I see Byron as a bonus. I don’t rule out anything, but my expectations …that’d be an awesome addition, but I’m really not counting on it or just more focused on the guys that we do have.” 

The Dolphins could have used his services this season and he was paid very well, I will not get into the speculations as to why he is M.I.A. but I am extremely disappointed in his absence this year and would love answers as to why!

He is scheduled to make $14,375,000 this year and the good news is his contract is not guaranteed beyond 2022…according to over the cap

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