Will Miami Miss The Playoffs?

What looked like a sure thing a few weeks ago is now looking like the same old thing we have been used to for far too long, Mediocrity!  

Miami was 8-2 heading to the west coast to play two teams that had worse records and we were spoiled with that great offense that was putting up 30 points per game and had no clue that things would go as bad as it did on that west coast swing. Combined Miami only scored 34 points (17 per game) and looked lost on both sides of the ball. 

Miami’s defense is the biggest disappointment for me this season, it has not been nowhere near what I was expecting, and changes MUST BE MADE in the offseason should Miami fail to make the playoffs which is looking more than likely to be the case. With 4 more games to play Miami needs to win 3 to secure a playoff spot, 2 just might squeak us in. 

Buffalo is next followed by Green Bay at home, at New England and Home vs the Jets.  

Do you see 2-3 wins? 

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