Dolphins @ Chargers (Review)

For those who wanted to make the game about Tua vs Herbert it is officially 1 and 1 in head-to-head matchup as Tua won in 2020 vs Herbert but in last night’s game there was no doubt that who was the better QB. 

Herbert proved to be the better QB, and it was not even close! Just like last week’s game where Tua stunk up the joint against the 49ers he looked even worse vs the Chargers. 

It seems defenses have found a way to stop Mike McDaniel’s offense and now we will see how good coach Mike McDaniel is, and from last night’s game he is starting to slip just like Tua. 

I am not a coach and only played street football as a youth, but it seems to me if teams are backing their LB’s further off the line to defend Miami’s passing attack in the middle that you counter that with check downs, screens or hitting a player in the flats. Or just run the ball down their throat and not give up so early on the run game. Especially against the worst run defense in the league! They call it taking what they give you!!!! 

Once again Miami failed to run the ball effectively and until they figure that out, they are a one-dimensional team and at this time of the year looking for a playoff spot they will lose more than win because they are playing teams that are also fighting for a playoff spot! 

Miami’s defense played well enough to win the game, but they still are not playing up to the level of last year despite having better talent. I just feel Josh Boyer is in way over his head and should be replaced at seasons end. 

That was a must win game and unfortunately our Dolphins have been exposed and the haters have the proof they need when they say that Miami only won games against weak opponents even though Miami beat the Patriots, Bills, Ravens, Steelers, Lions, Bears, Browns & Texans. (Teams in bold have a chance to make the playoffs)  

It is not like the Dolphins choose their opponents when they are playing the schedule they were given. The entire AFC East is playing the same schedule so an argument can be made that they too have played weak opponents and either won or lost games with them. 

The Dolphins had a chance to prove themselves these past two games, both games they should have won, and it gets no easier as they head to Buffalo in a matchup where Miami will be the underdog against a team seeking to beat Miami down because they lost to Miami earlier in the season. 

1 thought on “Dolphins @ Chargers (Review)”

  1. The entire team stunk it up last night, with the exception of Wilkins and Phillips. The poor officiating didn’t help either.

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