Miami @ San Fransico (Review)

That was a bad day at the office for our young “FRANCHISE QB” Tua Tagovailoa it appeared he was wound up too tight or something because his usually dead accurate passes were off most of that game, he surely gets some blame for that loss, but the bulk of the blame falls squarely on this defense that has been a major disappointment all season long! 

I had seen enough weeks ago and thus posted my article Josh Boyer Shoud Be Fired!!!! Now don’t get me wrong I like Josh Boyer (not that I really know him) he doesn’t seem like a jerk but there is no denying that this defense with more talent has been awful all season. 

You cannot tell me with all the young talent on this roster, that Miami’s defense is the worst in our division! That is what the numbers say the Jets, New England and the Bill all have better defenses than Miami? I could assure you if we had a better DC, Miami would have a top 10 defense! 

They made a 7th round rookie QB look like Joe Montana, Joash Boyer had that dear in the headlight look again when Brock Purdy sliced and diced our defense for 25/37 210 yards and 2 TDS, 1 Int. 

The 49ers also had a huge advantage with time of possession 40:34 minutes to Miami’s 19:26 minutes so they effectively controlled the game by running and passing at will against our defense who could not get off the field and the bad day by Tua had a lot to do with it because they could not sustain drives. 4 turnovers didn’t help either.  

In this game Miami ran for a total of 8 carries for 33 yards! The 49ers had 121 yards rushing. 

The Dolphins suffer from the same fate they have suffered for years and until they can do these two things well, we are just spinning our wheels! RUN THE BALL AND STOP THE RUN! Every year when crunch time hits in December and January the teams that can run the ball and stop the run win more than teams that don’t! 

It was a very disappointing loss and lends credit to the haters who say Miami only won against weak opponents, that point will be answered in these last 5 games! 

Fins Up! 

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