Time For The Dolphins Defense To Step Up!

Everything is in place and despite being a huge disappointment for most of the season, I see signs of this Dolphins defense playing like they did last year. The Cleveland game was their best game so far this season, the first half of the Texans game was spectacular, but they lapsed in the third quarter of that game and got back on track in the fourth quarter. 

It’s time this defense plays consistent ball for four quarters yes, they have been plagued with injuries but so have may teams this year’s so no excuses, there still is way too much talent on the defensive side of the ball for this team not to be playing top ten level. 

Miami’s defense is currently ranked 17th in total defense up from the lower end of statistics where they have been 28th or lower in the league this season. That was unacceptable and it is nice to see them hit their stride as the season is going into the 4th quarter. CHRUNCH TIME! 

My previous article talked about the difficult schedule ahead and how they need to win 4 or more of the final games of the season and this Defense needs to play their best ball down the stretch as it could mean the difference between playing in the playoffs and in addition having home field advantage if the win the division. 

Hopefully our defense will step it up and perform their role! 

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