December STORM Coming?

Sunny days, everybody loves them, tell me baby, can you stand the rain? Storms will come, this we know for sure…Can you stand the rain?” 

Those are lyrics to one of my favorite OLD SCHOOL R&B songs by New Addition. Well, the stormy times are here for our Dolphins as the next 6 games are what one can say are 50/50 games, Miami can win them all, lose them all or somewhere in between. 

Ideally a 4-2 or better record will be all we need to get a playoff game at home. If Miami wins out, they will win the division and as Buffalo seems to be playing average football Miami does have the chance to maintain the division lead, we currently hold. 

Yes, we have come to the toughest part of our schedule much like what we perceived to be the case with our first 4 games of the season and who would have thought that Miami would beat the Patriots, The Ravens and The Bills before losing the Bengals after losing Tua to a concussion in that game? 

Tua is 8-0 in games that he has played without injury and even though he gets the loss in the Bengals game despite not finishing it, he has quieted his doubters and has entered the NFL MVP race. 

Starting this Sunday Miami will be tested and how they play on both sides of the ball will prove whether this team is ready for primetime or not. 

2 thoughts on “December STORM Coming?”

  1. Gotta admit, with as well as the team has been playing I’m still a little nervous about December.

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