Dolphins vs Browns (Preview)

Why is it fans tend to set themselves up for a letdown by taking lightly some of the opponents we face based off their win-loss records? On paper it appears this should be a win for Miami because Miami has the better record 6-3 vs 3-6. I will stick to what I preach every week “Any Given Sunday”! 

This game is the last game before Miami goes into their bye week, it sure would be nice to go into that week 7-3 and give this team that is getting healthy a week off to heal more. December’s schedule is not too kind for our Dolphins, so we need to stack as many games as possible. 

On to the Matchup:      

  • Where: Hard Rock Stadium, Miami 
  • When: Sunday, November 13, 2022    
  • Time: 1p.m. EST      
  • Weather: 84 °F Party Cloudy 
  • Point Spread: Dolphins (-3.5)      
  • O/U 49.5      
  • TV: CBS    

The matchup: on Offense     

Miami enters the game 5th place in total offense with 380.4 yards per game, they are 2nd in passing averaging 293.6 YPG. They are 29th in rushing with just 86.9 yards rushing per game.      

Cleveland enters the game in 4th place in total offense with 385.8 yards per game, they are 16th in passing offense, averaging 121.1 YPG. They are 3rd in rushing, averaging 164.6 yards rushing per game.      

The matchup: on Defense     

Miami enters the game 24th in total defense giving up 363.3 YPG. They are 23rd against the pass allowing 245.9 passing yards per game. Miami is 14th against the run giving up 117.4 rushing yards per game. Allowing 4.6 yards per rush.     

Cleveland enters the contest ranked 15th in total defense, giving up 331.4 YPG. They are 15th against the pass allowing 208.3 passing yards per game. Cleveland is 22nd against the run giving up 123.1 rushing yards per game. Allowing 4.6 yards per rush.      

The Strategy:   

It’s amazing how statistically similar the Browns are to our opponents last week “Da Bears”, both are top rushing teams with average passing on both sides of the ball. The huge difference is at QB, Jacoby Brissett is not Justin Felds who had an NFL history day rushing against our Dolphins. 

This game should be Miami’s best rushing game of the season if all goes as well as I think. Miami will be improving vs the run and the Browns run defense has been their weak link to date. I suspect a heavy dose of the run from both teams which might keep scoring low. 

Whoever wins the rushing battle will win this game and with our revamped run game I feel Miami might surprise many with their run game Sunday. 

My Take:     

We are entering into the “Meat and Potatoes” part of the season where toughness will determine winners and losers. Miami must improve in rushing the ball and stopping the run. Miami have done a good job of stopping RBs, but as last week showed they have no answers for mobile QB’s. That should not be a concern this week (at least I hope not!) 

The Browns beat the Bengals handily before their bye week, so don’t think this game is a gimmie. Browns RB’s Chub and Hunt have been my envy since being paired together. I love that young RB combo and I hope that the addition of Jeff Wison paired with Raheem Mostert will produce similar results for Miami and improve our lackluster rushing game to date. 

Remember Mike McDaniel was the run game coordinator before taking over as OC in San Francisco, so he knows how to get our running game on track. He has had the luxury of the two fastest WR duo in the league so who can blame him for maximizing that aspect of the game, as winter settles in we will need to produce a better rushing attack and I will be looking forward to this game to prove that very point!  

On Defense both teams have very good pass rushers who can disrupt the QB play, and it is imperative that Tua gets that ball out in 2 seconds or less and I feel with Chubb, Phillips, Ogba and Ingram rotating in and out we can put the heat on a very stationary Jacoby Brissett and get quite a few sacks or pressure him and get INT’s. I am looking forward to a home win tomorrow! 


Miami 20, Clevland 14 

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