Tua Tagovailoa: Time To Unite Behind

All doubts should be gone, there should be nobody calling themselves TRUE Dolphins fans that is not FULLY behind our young FRANCHISE QB! 

Ask yourselves would you rather have Ryan Fitzpatrick, Deshawn Watson, Jacoby Brissett, Teddy Bridgewater, Skylar Thompson as our starting QB over Tua right now? It’s time to sing Tua’s praise after all he’s endured! 

Tua is everything we thought we would get when we drafted him. He is finally getting the support that he never got from the former HC who did not believe in Tua.  

Tua’s 2023 Transformation! 

So far Tua has not lost a game that he both started and completed! Miami is 6-0 when Tua completes games! Tua has been what Tyreek Hill told everybody he was this offseason when everybody jumped on Hill and took what he said out of context as the talking heads love to create drama because it sells. 

Tyreek said that Tua was the most accurate QB he has ever played with, now note he did not say Tua was better than the top QB’s in the league Holmes, Allen, Rodgers ect. 

Tua so far is backing up everything Tyreek said and at the same time silencing all the haters, doubters and critics with all the noise they have been spewing and even have gained some converts! 

Here is how he has silenced everybody including sad to say some of our own fans who bought into the criticism!  

So far to date Tua leads the league in QBR 80, yds per attempt 9.2 and is in the top 5 in TD passes and completion percentage! He has a 115.9 passer rating and is averaging 282.9 passing yards per game and has a 15-3 touchdown-to-interception ratio, despite missing two-and-a-half games due to a concussion! 

The odds makers are already changing Tua’s odds to win MVP! 

Now Tua is not doing this all by himself, he has been given both the Coach and weapons he needs to compete with the best! 

Three people need to be credited along with Tua for the team’s success this year. 

  • GM Chris Grier 
  • HC Mike McDaniel 
  • WR Tyreek Hill 

I will follow this article up with an article on these other men who have helped Tua reach his goals! 

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