Miami @ Chicago (Review)

It was a back-and-forth game that nobody seen coming, both QB’s had great games and that was the reason the game was so entertaining. 

Justin Fields either is on his way to breaking an NFL record in rushing at seasons end or it was just that he was playing against our underwhelming defense that led him to 178 rushing yards the most in a regular season game in NFL history, breaking Michael Vick’s 173-yard game with Atlanta!  

I think it was more about the poor play of Miami’s defense that is playing some of the worse defense in the league. 

Tua Tagovailoa the league’s top-rated passer, got us the win. It amazes me that even after another excellent game some point to a throw or two to complain about! Tua completed 21 of 30 passes for 302 yards, 3 TD’s, zero sacks, zero INT’s and a QBR of 135.7! 

Miami’s offensive line is respectable and improving weekly (Not Weakly)! Tua is getting all the time he needs in the pocket, and now the run game seems to be coming together after the trade that brought Jeff Wilson from the 49ers who had a TD catch in his first game as a Dolphin and ran very well, he is a level up from Chase Edmonds. 

Tyreek Hill (One of the best Free Agent signings EVER by Miami!) had another great game receiving as he caught 143 yards and now has 1,104 yards halfway through the season. He is on pace to set the single season recorded in receiving in NFL history! Jaylen Waddle had 85 yards receiving and 1 TD (Waddle is 4th in the league in receiving!) 

The Bears have a gutted Defense by design, they traded pass rusher Robert Quinn and star linebacker Roquan Smith in the past two weeks, there is an excuse for them allowing Miami’s offense to score at will. 

Miami’s defense was also gutted not by design because they have more talent than almost any team in the league, but our DC is clueless and had no answer or adjustments and allowed Justin Fields to run for a record 178 yards! I stand by my take that Josh Boyer needs to be fired if not now, by seasons end! 

Special Teams contributed when Jaelan Phillips blocked a punt, and Andrew Van Ginkel returned it 25 yards for a score. 

Miami has a great chance to make the playoffs, but if their defense doesn’t start playing to the level that they did last year it can ruin everything because I do not think it is sustainable to expect Tua to throw for 300+ yards a game and 3 TD’s and no turnovers or sacks. 

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