Miami @ Chicago (Preview)

Here is another game that too many are saying Miami “SHOULD” win but as I noted last week there are no games that are a gimmie as every team can lose on any given Sunday and being on the road again where Miami now at 2-2 on the road shows that it’s 50/50! 

This is by far the best roster I have seen in Miami in years, and I agree we should win but that is not always the case and to get set up to be criticized if Miami should lose is the only thing that can happen because if Miami wins, they will say Miami did what they should have done. But let Miami lose or even allow the game to be close, the haters will be talking! 

Nowadays winning is not enough, some want a blowout especially after the Bears got thumped by Dallas last week 49-29 that concerns me because they are looking to bounce back after getting beat down and Miami is going into their house. 

I just hope our team is not buying into the hype and just play the best game they can and if that gets us a 1-point win, I’ll take it!!! 

On to the Matchup:     

  • Where: Soldier Field; Chicago, Illinois 
  • When: Sun • Nov 6, 2022   
  • Time: 1p.m. ET     
  • Weather: 61 °F 
  • Point Spread: Dolphins (-4)     
  • O/U 45.5     
  • TV: CBS   

The matchup: on Offense    

Miami enters the game 7th place in total offense with 380.6 yards per game, they are in 3rd place in passing averaging 292.5 YPG. They are 28th in rushing with just 88.1 yards rushing per game up from last week.     

Chicago enters the game in 27th place in total offense with 315.3 yards per game. They are in last place (32nd) in passing offense, averaging 126.9 YPG. They are in first place in rushing, averaging 188.4 yards rushing per game.     

The matchup: on Defense    

Miami enters the game 23rd in total defense giving up 362.8 YPG. They are 26th against the pass allowing 262.1 passing yards per game. Miami is 6th against the run giving up 100.6 rushing yards per game. Allowing 4.2 yards per rush.    

Chicago enters the contest ranked 16th in total defense, giving up 344.0 YPG. They are 5th against the pass allowing 188.0 passing yards per game. Chicago is 31st against the run giving up 156.0 rushing yards per game. Allowing 5.0 yards per rush.     

The Strategy:   

Looking at the numbers, the strengths of both teams are also their weaknesses. Chicago is the top rushing team, Miami is one of the better run defenders, Miami has one of the top passing offenses and the Bears have one of the worst passing Defense in the league. Something must give! 

My Take:     

This game is the game that Miami’s rushing attack shoud flourish as Chicago is the worst team (31st) against the rush and this game is the perfect game to prove that Miami can run the ball, especially after just trading for Jeff Wilson Jr. a player who knows Miami run scheme well and was coached by Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel since being an undrafted RB from college and he pairs with Raheem Mostert who they have history together in San Francisco. 


Miami 30, Chicago 24 

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