Bradly Chubb Is In Da House!

Just before the trade deadline Miami made a bold move to get a young top pass rusher in a trade. The Denver Broncos gave up one of their young pass rushers in exchange for a first-round pick from Miami.  

I know what some of you might be saying didn’t Miami forfeit their 2023 first round pick? Yes, they did. Miami had two picks in the 2023 NFL draft because of a deal they made in the 2021 NFL draft when they traded down from 3 to 12 in the draft with the 49ers who moved up to 3 and drafted QB Tre Lance. 

The 49ers also gave Miami two future #1 picks and the amazing story behind it all is what Miami’s GM Chris Grier did with the 3 first round picks they got for the 49ers. 

  • In 2021 Miami at 12 took Jaylen Waddle 
  • In 2022 they used that pick to trade for Tyreek Hill 
  • The 2023 pick was just used to get Bradly Chubb 

So, Miami has just added a premier pass rusher in his prime and signed him to a five-year, $110 million contract extension. They also have Tyreek Hill long term and Jaylen Waddle is in his rookie contract. 

These are key players that will have a major impact on this team and put Miami in playoff contention if not more! 

Welcome to Miami Bradley Chubb!! 

2 thoughts on “Bradly Chubb Is In Da House!”

  1. Everything I’ve been reading and hearing is saying that he may be the equation that gets us a deep playoff run as he fills the role of “the missing piece”.

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