Miami @ Detroit (Review)

The game started off like so many games that the Dolphins have lost that they should have won. Detroit started the game driving down and scoring a TD from their first drive and throughout the first half where the Lions put up 27 points! Miami dug themselves into a 14-0 hole after the first three possessions. 

Fortunately, Tua Tagovailoa, was on fire the entire game. Tua threw for 382 yards completing 29 of 36 passing with 3 TD’s and a career-high 138.7 passer rating. The recipients of Tua’s big game were his two #1WR’s, 1A Tyreek Hill and 1B Jaylen Waddle.  

Tyreek Hill caught 12 passes for 188 yards with a 15.7 YPC today while Jaylen Waddle caught 8 passes for 106 yards with a 15.7 YPC today and 2 TD’s. Mike Gesicki also proved he is worth keeping around as he also once again scored a TD making his total of 4 TD’s this year 2nd on the team. The Run Game once again was limited.  

Miami was excellent on third down, converting 8 of 12 attempts including two different 3rd and13 conversions. Many are saying this was Tua’s best game ever as a Dolphin. (I disagree) It was the passing game that led Miami to victory.  

Miami’s defense was awful in the first half of this game they gave up not just 27 points but also 326 yards of total offense in the first half alone. They bounced back in the 2nd half by shutting out Detroit and only allowing 77 total yards of offense in the 2nd half! Miami Dolphins offense played consistent throughout the game they ended up having 476 yards total in the 31-27 victory over Detroit. 

The troubling issue that seems to plague Miami is penalties on BOTH sides of the ball even though some of those calls were questionable. It started on the opening drive when Elandon Roberts, after making a very good tackle, was flagged for taunting for standing over Jamaal Williams after tackling him out of bounds.  

Too many offsides, lining up in the neutral zone, false starts etc. etc. etc. 

Miami’s offense is a potential juggernaut, they are still learning what they can do, it is obvious that if Tua can stay healthy and learn to slide or throw the ball away to protect himself from taking unnecessary hits (He did a good job in the game of sliding) this team cam go a long way. 

Miami has one of the top offenses in the league and as Tyreek says they can score 40 points a game. Miami’s defense in this game was the epitome of how they have played this year under Boyer. Inconsistent and not where we all had thought they could be, and I am truly concerned that Boyer might need to be replaced at seasons end. Can we get Flores back as DC? (Sarcasm, not really!) 

2 thoughts on “Miami @ Detroit (Review)”

  1. Tua has done what he needs to quiet the haters. They’ll be using any excuse they can to try and trash him like the make believe “almost” interception stat.

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