Miami @ Detroit (Preview)

These are the games that make me the most nervous, ones that on paper should be easy wins. There are no games that this team can take for granted because Miami has a history of playing down to the competition. 

I remember back when Dave Wannstedt was the head coach of Miami. They were facing the Vikings in a 2002 game. An article by the Sun Sentinel had this to say  

Hanging from the roof in the middle of the team’s locker room is a wooden lobster trap. The prop is meant to categorize Saturday’s meeting with the host Vikings (4-10) as a potential “trap” game if the Dolphins (9-5) are looking ahead toward a Dec. 29 contest at New England (8-6). 

When facing opponents, I sometimes think of the LOBSTER TRAP GAME analogy because Miami has consistently disappointed us by losing to teams they should beat. 

Miami should beat Detroit but as I wrote in an article back in 2012 (the year I started The Dolphin Seer) an article entitled Lobster Trap Game? I made this point: 

As the saying goes “On Any Given Sunday” and I am truly concerned about this game.” 

I am concerned about this game just as much if not more than playing a team like Buffalo. To lose to Detroit at this time of the season would be embarrassing and send us back to a mediocre 4-4 record with Buffalo now 5-1 atop the division. 

The AFC East has become one of the best divisions in the league with the Patriots being the weak link (How Ionic) the surprising J-E-T-S are playing very good ball and is a young upstart that is making some noise this year.  

Miami needs this win to keep within striking distance of the Bills and Jets, both teams we are looking up to in the division. The Dolphins are 1-2 on the road this year and they need to start playing better on the road.  

On to the Matchup:    

  • Where: Ford Field Detroit Michigan 
  • When: Sun • Oct 30, 2022  
  • Time: 1p.m. ET    
  • Weather: Dome Stadium   
  • Point Spread: Dolphins (-3.5)    
  • O/U 51.5    
  • TV: CBS  

The matchup: on Offense   

Miami enters the game 10th place in total offense down from last week with 367.0 yards per game, they are in 3rd place in passing averaging 281 YPG also down from last week. They are 29th in rushing with just 85.4 yards rushing per game up from last week.    

Detroit enters the game in 4th place in total offense with 395.2 yards per game. They are 9th in passing offense, averaging 249.5 YPG. They are 7th in rushing, averaging 145.7 yards rushing per game.    

The matchup: on Defense   

Miami enters the game 21st in total defense giving up 358.4 YPG. They are 24th against the pass allowing 255.1 passing yards per game. Miami is 8th against the run giving up 103.3 rushing yards per game. Allowing 4.2 yards per rush.   

Detroit enters the contest ranked 32nd in total defence, giving up 412.2 YPG. They are 22nd against the pass allowing 249.3 passing yards per game. Detroit is 31st against the run giving up 162.8 rushing yards per game. Allowing 5.3 yards per rush.    

The Strategy:    

When you look statistically the strength in both teams will be their ability to run the ball. Detroit has a top rushing attack and Miami’s defense is very effective at stopping the run.  

Unfortunately for Detroit they are terrible at stopping the run. With the league’s worst defense against what is one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL, Miami should put up a lot of points. At least we should hope. 

My Take:    

The Lions are backed into a corner and can be dangerous especially if Miami is not prepared and not taking the Lions for granted. This should be a high scoring game. Whoever protects the ball and creates turnovers the most should win this game. I’m just warning you about the LOBSTER TRAP that lies ahead. 


Miami 27, Detroit 24 

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