Miami vs Steelers (Review)

With so many backstories leading up to the game from Tua coming back from his injury, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross back from suspension and former HC Brian Flores back coaching with the Steelers. It was not the media frenzy one would have thought it would be. 

The best story that night was the half time celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the perfect season as the remaining living players from that team were hosted and celebrated for what is an amazing feat that is not really recognized like it should be.  

The game started off like it was going to be a high scoring event as Tua on the first drive took the team 71 yards down the field and scored a TD to set the tone of the game and went up7-0. Tua was a little rusty and he was not on target with a few of his throws, but he did get the ball out quickly and that was important. Tua should have been intercepted at least 3 or 4 times but the Steelers defensive players dropped every one of them. 

RB Chase Edmonds had another dropped pass that could have led to a TD and his rock hands are a liability. On the other hand, Raheem Mostert has been everything we need in an RB as the run game is starting to take shape. Miami needs to get Myles Gaskin more involved in the run game. 

The Steelers defense made adjustments and then it became a defensive battle and with both defenses playing very well the difference was Miami’s defense created turnovers especially late in the game.  

Miami’s depleted secondary was represented very well by the next man up players who stepped up and played very well. It was very good to see Noah Igbinoghene despite ups and downs throughout the game get the game saving INT to seal the win. 

Miami lost S Brandon Jones for the season during the game with a knee injury and he was placed on season ending IR. That just makes it that more difficult considering the injury depleted DB room. Miami might need to make a deal before the trade deadline to get help in their secondary. 

Miami’s defense won this game and Josh Boyer is starting to get this defense on track and as the offense continues to develop and improve the goal of playing their best ball in the final quarter of the season just might be accomplished.  

Rookie Mistake? 

HC  Mike McDaniel made a very stupid call that could have cost the game when on 4th and 3 from the Steelers 14-yard line and Miami up 16-10 he should have kicked the field goal and put Miami up by 9 points and make it a two score game, he decided to go for the first down and then proceeded to call the same play the Steelers just stuffed the play before sending Chase Edmonds up the middle for no gain! 

This was a defensive battle, and those 3 points would have given this team a little more comfort in the 4th quarter, Mike explained his decision was based off his confidence in the Defense but to me that is even more reason why you take the points! 

It was an UGLY win but at the end of the day winning is always the objective because at the end of the season come playoff time it might be that one win that gets them in the playoffs. 

It was nice to see the throwback jerseys, they look great in those uniforms. Miami ended their 3-game losing streak and finds themselves 4-3 and in 3rd place in our division with what appears to be the easy part of the schedule coming up. The only problem is there are no gimmies in the NFL now days. 

3 thoughts on “Miami vs Steelers (Review)”

  1. Tomlinson adjustments played aligners part than Tua being a little rusty, (as some have said).
    It was nice to see that he’s not worried about taking a hit. And how about Iggy, has he finally turned the corner? Clearly Pat and Sam see something in him.

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