Beware Of The Talking Heads

(Keyshawn Is a Top Dolphin Hater)

On these football media platforms, there’s a trend. ESPN, Colin Cowherd, Pro Football’s Mike Florio & Chris Simms, Stephen A Smith, and a host of other folks out there giving opinions as so-called experts.  

In the case of Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa, the Tua bashing that carried on all off-season is an extreme example of how many talking heads put their opinion on a subject with a complete lack of objectivity.  

They say Tua is injury prone, well so is just about every QB. Joe Burrow missed the entire season with a knee injury. In addition, the guy many feel Miami erroneously passed up on Justin Herbert is suffering from broken ribs. Patrick Mahomes has suffered multiple concussions. There are plenty more examples, but none have been attacked like Miami QB Tua Tagovailoa!  

There have been calls for him to retire due to concussions, but no such calls have been made for Patrick Mahomes?  

It is a rehearsed act; they practice it, to get a response and make you mad. The reality is it really works, and that’s why they do it. It is a sure-fire money maker and the fact that Tua has a fan base (Tua-Non) that supports him and will respond to that negativity is even more reason why these talking heads chase after Tua and the Dolphins with their negativity.  

There are other factors that play into the negativity towards Tua and our Dolphins. Location, Location, Location……what do I mean?  

Well, the biggest media market is New York, it is no coincidence that many of these talking heads are from that area and have been closet fans of the Jets, or you have actual ex-Jets players (see photo above) who take a negative stance on anything Miami. 

If you doubt me just review their adulation of the Jets after they beat Miami, you’d thought they won the Super Bowl! The same can be said for ESPN reporters which is based out of Bristol, CT (Patriot territory)!  

So, when you tune into these shows that are littered with New York and Connecticut based reporters, take things with a grain of salt. These supposedly neutral reporters are anything but!  

Back in the 70’s and 80’s the Dolphins were one of the most dominant teams under Hall of Fame and winningest HC in NFL history Don Shula!  

Don Shula holds the records for regular season wins at 328 and combined regular and postseason wins at 347. Bill Belichick holds the record for postseason wins at 31 and is the active leader in regular season and combined wins at 292 and 323, respectively.  

Some of the older reporters still have resentment from the Don Shula era! 

Tua and Dolphins are both hated by the media, which is heavily saturated with New York and Boston based reporters and ex-players from those teams. Keep that in mind the next time you feel like responding to the “Talking Heads” out there mocking our team!  

Remember, haters are who they are. 

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