Tyreek Hill Has Proven His Worth!

The Dolphins gave up 5 draft picks and made Tyreek Hill the highest paid receiver in the league when they signed him this off-season. Just like me, I’m sure some were skeptical of giving up that much for a wide receiver. Even his former team wasn’t prepared to pay him that much. Miami acquired Hill’s services for 5 draft picks and a boat load of money. 

That trade paid immediate dividends for “Both Teams” as KC got first-, second- and fourth-round picks in 2022 along with fourth- and sixth-round selections in 2023 and Miami got one of the top WR’s in the game as well as (considered by many) the fastest WR in the league. 

But Hill has done so much more since being acquired. He has brought an infectious confidence not only in himself but to the entire team. Hill, along with our New HC Mike McDaniel (More on Him in a future article) has had an instant effect on our young QB. 

Tyreek and McDaniel from day one began to prop up our downtrodden QB who has endured way too much abuse in his short tenure in Miami. Hill is full of confidence! In fact, he has so much that he can easily spare some to Tua and still be overflowing! 

Throughout training camp Hilll has developed a connection with Tua and the rest of his teammates on offense. There is a different vibe coming on with our Dolphins here in Miami and they will make believers out of everybody as the season moves along. Tyreek Hill has changed the attitude on offense and has made a huge believer out of me. 

Tyreek is currently the 5th ranked receiver in the stats category according to NFL.com. Had he not lost his starting QB for a few games while also dealing with a quad and foot injury he was the leading receiver prior to these setbacks. 

Hill’s personality is what Miami has been missing for years. Some call him a diva. I am ok with that, because he has helped turn the offense around along with Mike McDaniel. More importantly, Hill has helped Tua come out of his shell and play to his potential. 

I can recall the nightmare last year when Miami signed WR Will Fuller and how that turned out. Hill has been the exact opposite and I love it! 

Hill is by far the most impressive offseason acquisition I can recall since Ricky Williams! 

What do you think? 

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