Tua Tagovailoa Has Cleared Concussion Protocol!

It was the biggest story so far this season when Tua Tagovailoa got sacked Sept 29th in a Thursday night game vs Cincinnati. He suffered what appeared to be a concussion. He had demonstrated abnormal balance, stability or motor coordination as his arms and fingers locked up indicative of being knocked out! 

The NFL social media world was in a tizzy after the injury. This is because many felt Tua suffered a concussion vs Buffalo 4 days earlier. He should not have been let back into that game let alone play 4 days later vs the Bengals. 

After an investigation by the NFL and the NFLPA they concluded that Miami followed all the protocols in both instances. Nonetheless, they came up with tougher rules to pull a player even if they exhibit abnormal balance, stability, or motor coordination. No exceptions. 

Teddy Bridgewater was pulled vs the Jets and put in concussion protocol despite not having any signs of concussion or abnormal balance, stability or motor coordination! 

He has also been cleared from the concussion protocol. The Dolphins got screwed by this ridiculous rule because Teddy should have never been pulled vs the Jets! Skylar Thompson will start this Sunday vs the Vikings and from what I understand Teddy Bridgewater will back him up. 

Skylar Thompson is a 7th round draft pick that had the most impressive preseason numbers of any QB in the league and has many Dol-Fans excited to see him play. Last week he did not fare well because of the weird way things unfolded in the Jets game. Skylar was thrust into the starting lineup after just one snap by Bridgewater. 

Tua was ruled out of Sundays game against the Vikings mid-week, and McDaniel decided to go with Thompson. 

Look for Tua to start next week against his former HC who did not show Tua much love, maybe Flores was trying to show Tua “Tough Love” either way it was not successful and Tua is now in the hands of an offensive minded HC that has shown Tua all the love he needed and given him the weapons to succeed and so far, this year it seems to be working at least until this concussion drama happened.  

At 3-2 Miami is still in the hunt for a division title and playoff berth and Tua missing two games has not hurt this team due to the successful start of 3-0 coming out of the gate. Hopefully Miami can find a way to win tomorrow and then get Tua back to the level he was playing prior to the injury. 

1 thought on “Tua Tagovailoa Has Cleared Concussion Protocol!”

  1. I believe that there is no longer any question about what the Dolphins have with Tua as QB1. Teddy and Skylar combined can’t compare

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