Miami vs Vikings Preview

As a young boy I became a Dolphins fan. It all began in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. I was around 7 years old and started watching a game with my Father (a Steelers fan) at that time Miami was the new young team of the NFL, just 4-5 years in as an NFL franchise. I used to say it was around 1970. After looking up the history of these teams playing (Miami vs Pittsburg) I found a game on November 14th 1971 a game in which Miami won 24-21. That had to be the first game I watched with my father. It was that game that started my love for our Miami Dolphins 51 years ago!!!! 

On the flip side my brother Doug was a HUGE Vikings fan. He is just under a year older than me. I remember taking losses harder as a kid than now. I would cry after every loss. I shed ZERO tears in 1972! I never realized the significance of that game when I was young. But I appreciate it even more as I grow older. 

The Dolphins finished 14–0 in the regular season and won all three postseason games to finish 17–0, the only undefeated and untied season in NFL history. Three other teams, the Chicago Bears in 1934 and 1942 and the New England Patriots in 2007, reached the NFL’s title game undefeated, but all three lost the championship. 

The Dolphins and Vikings squared off in Super Bowl VIII in 1973 and it was my brother Doug who did all the crying as Miami won 24-7. Miami’s 2nd and last Super Bowl victory!

Look at the starting offense for Miami back then. 

  • QB Bob Griese 
  • RB Larry Csonka 
  • RB Mercury Morris 
  • RB/HB Jim Kiick 
  • WR Paul Warfield 
  • WR Marlin Briscoe 
  • TE Jim Mandich 

I can say I have some history when it comes to our Dolphins with very happy memories thanks to Don Shua! 

How time has flown! It is now 49 years since Miami won that SB and even though we had great times with the greatest QB in Dolphins history Dan Marino, many of my fellow Dol-Fans have no clue about the history or even had the joy of seeing Miami win a SB, let alone two.

Unfortunately, it’s part of faded memories of a lifetime ago as I enter my senior citizen years. I hold on to hope that one more SB victory is in the cards for our Dolphins for me to witness before I check out! 

Fast forward to the here and now! 

On to the Matchup:  

  • Where: Hard Rock Stadium, Miami, FL 
  • When: Sun • Oct 16 
  • Time: 1 p.m. ET  
  • Weather:85°F / Cloudy 
  • Point Spread: Dolphins (+3.5)  
  • O/U 45.5  
  • TV: CBS 

The matchup: on Offense 

Miami enters the game in 16th place in total offense with 347.8 yards per game, they are in 5th place in passing averaging 265 YPG. They are 30th in rushing with just 82.8 yards rushing per game. Miami had their most efficient game rushing last week, hopefully that trend can continue this week.  

Minnesota enters the game in 10th place in total offense with 361.0 yards per game. They are 8th in passing offense, averaging 259.2 YPG. They are 21st in rushing, averaging 101.8 yards rushing per game.  

The matchup: on defense 

Miami enters the game 25th in total defense giving up 386.8 YPG. They are 28th against the pass allowing 276.8 passing yards per game. Miami is 13th against the run giving up 110.1 rushing yards per game. Allowing 4.1 yards per rush. 

Minnesota enters the game 24th in total defense giving up 369.8 YPG. They are 22nd vs the pass allowing 249.4 passing yards per game. Minnesota is 19th against the run giving up 120.4 rushing yards per game. Allowing 4.4 yards per rush.  

The Strategy:  

Skylar Thompson has the strongest arm on the roster, he can make every throw, in fact I felt he threw the ball too hard at times (due to nerves) last week and if he can get that touch on short throws, it will help his players make easy catches and with the speed, we have the YAC can rack up! 

With signs of the running game coming to life last week, the only positive thing from that game, I hope the trend continues. The best friend of a young QB is a dominant defense and run game. The Vikings have one of the poorest run defenses in the league, so Miami should exploit this and run the ball effectively Sunday. 

Miami’s defense has been somewhat of a disappointment so far this year, especially vs the pass considering the talent we have in the backfield CB’s and Safeties even with the loss of Byron Jones and a Howard not 100%!

They need to be more aggressive and attack these offenses. We have an offense that can score points so stop playing scared and throw caution to the wind. I think it will pay off big!  

My Take:  

These two teams have a lot in common though the Vikings are healthier than Miami right now. This is why the Dolphins are the underdog heading into this matchup. Miami needs to get after the Vikings on defense and pound the ball on offense. If they can do that it will open up their play action game and deliver a win. AS LONG AS WE PROTECT THE BALL!!!!! 

It also would be nice to get a turnover or two this game as Miami have yet to take away the ball enought so far this year. The defense also needs to get off the field and stop allowing long drives that tire them out! 


Miami 23, Minnesota 21 

1 thought on “Miami vs Vikings Preview”

  1. We have to run the ball effectively. Skylar is too green to carry the team if we become 1 dimensional.

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