Missing Brian Flores?

One of the things that popped up when Brian Flores was fired was a rumor that Flores was not happy with the playcalling of Josh Boyer. The rumor was Brian Flores took over play calling. Boyer responded by pointing out it was a collaborative effort when it came to play calling.

Four weeks into the season, I am concerned about the defense. They are not playing up to their potential. Despite adding more talent this offseason. I expected better!

Now to be fair, this defense has not been helped by the offense with their turnovers. However, the big issue with this defense is their inability to get off the field. They have not been effective on third and fourth downs. They also have not had turnovers, something they did well last year.

I know we have been missing Byron Jones and Xavien Howard is injured. However, this defense is not playing up to its potential and it all falls on Josh Boyer!

Boyer should be on the hot seat. If this defense does not turn things around, Mike McDaniel should find a replacement DC for next year. The same could be said for Special Teams.

2 thoughts on “Missing Brian Flores?”

  1. As unfortunite as it is the blame falls on the DC for anything that is not quite right. Poor tackling as well…..

  2. Keep in mind the success of the defensive front is based on effective single man coverage wich just isn’t there at the moment, as well as the missed tackles that are a big problem. Can’t blame the DC for poor play.

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