Should Miami Trade Mike Gesicki?

He is by far my favorite Dolphins TE since Randy McMichael and as much as I even hate to speculate about this, I must say I see no true value in keeping Mike Gasicki with this new offense that requires a traditional blocking TE, something Mike Gasicki will never be good at because that is not his game. 

Gasicki is one of the top receiving TE’s in the league and under the last regime he ranked 4th among all TE’s in receiving yards. He lined up in the slot so much that he had a legitimate argument to be declared a WR prior to signing the franchise tag and spending this season feeling out the new system and if it works for both parties. 

Four games in I am of the opinion it is not working and eventually Miami will have to revamp the entire TE room this off-season. Much to Mike’s credit he is trying his best and has the right attitude and those are the exact qualities that endear me to him. 

But truth be told his game has diminished and his blocking will always be suspect. I am sure there is a team that is a contender that could use a top 10 “Receiving Tight End” and I hope a deal can be made before the trade deadline. As much as I hate to see it happen it is the best thing for Mike and Miami. His numbers this year are a far cry from last year where he produced his best season in his career, 73 receptions for 780 yards receiving. 

Mike McDaniel came from San Francisco where he had one of the top blocking and receiving TE’s in the league George Kittle, who helped facilitate their run game and therefore it is so important for Miami to find a true BLOCKING TE to get the run game in Miami where they want it to be. So far this season our running game is not clicking. 

Both Mike McDaniel and OC Frank Smith specialized in run game coordination. McDaniel was the run game coordinator for the 49ers from 2017 through 2020 before becoming their OC. Smith was the run game coordinator and O-Line coach for the Chargers last season. 

For Miami’s run game to go to that next level they will need a TE that can block effectively and currently on this roster the TE’s we have are not it! The one TE with any true trade value is Mike Gasicki and Miami would be wise to move him by the trade deadline. If not, Gasicki will become a free agent and Miami will get no compensation for him. 

What do you think? 

Should Miami trade Mike Gasicki? 

Let me know in the comment section below. 

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