Miami @ Jets Review

Miami gets blown out by the Jets!

It started off with the very first offensive play by Miami. Teddy Bridgwater was knocked out of the game due to a sack by Jets young star CB Sauce Gardner. To make matters worse we lost our LT Terron Armstead early in the game as well.

No Xavien Howard, no Byron Jones, we were down to a M.A.S.H unit and it showed. It still was a game we could have won but a 4th quarter collapse doomed this team. Give the Jets credit they seized on their opportunity.

Skylar Thompson, everybody’s preseason hero, did not fare well in the game. He had 2 turnovers a fumble and an interception both lead to Jets scores. He lacks touch on the ball as every throw was a rocket. He obviously was not ready for prime time as KNOBODY forseen Teddy going down that early.

The run game finally showed up even though it did not matter in this game. The Jets earned this win and I am not going to make excuses for the issues Miami had to deal with.

The 4th quarter was a disaster! Time to turn the page!

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