The Value Of Byron Jones?

Have you noticed that Miami’s secondary is not playing up to the standard we expect? Have you noticed that Xavien Howard has ZERO interceptions after 4 games in the season? Is it a mere coincidence that Byron Jones has yet to play this season due to off-season surgery?

The good news is with the Dolphins sitting pretty good at 3-1 out the gate Jones’ absence though missed has not hurt as bad as it could. In fact, I would argue that it buys Miami more time and allows them to not rush Jones back. The goal for this team is to be playing their best in about a month or two.

Hopefully by that time this team will be hitting on all cylinders and maybe just maybe many of you who questioned the worth of Byron Jones now see how truly valuable he is even to his fellow starting CB opposite him who demanded more money because he too did not see the true value Jones has brought to this team.

Jones is a quite player who just balls, he is a TOP SHUTDOWN CB and is truly missed.

Get well soon Byron Jones!!!!

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