Should Tua Retire?

I remember back in the 90’s when I first got online with this new thing called the Internet. At that time, I lived in Milwaukee Wisconsin and got online with AOL. For me this was the best thing as a Dolphins fan ever! Before I got the internet, I was stuck searching the Milwaukee Journal for any bit of information I could get about my beloved Dolphins as I was living in “Packer Land” and sports news was always saturated with only Packer news. 

Getting the internet opened the world and I quickly found my fix for Miami Dolphins news and my addiction needs. One of my favorite sites even to this day is a site called If there are Dolphin’s news stories this is my number one site to get them, and I have checked in every day since finding that site back in the early 90’s. 

I also found like-minded passionate Dol-Fans through chat lines and the best site at the time was the Sun Sentinel Miami Dolphins Chat line whereas fans of our team debated and argued as true Wanna-Be GM’s.  

In fact, we had at that time daily interchange and conversations with a new guy on the block for the Sun Sentinel “Omar Kelly” as he would also chat it up with us and we felt we had an inside source to ask questions and talk to. 

Unfortunately, things started to get too heated, and they shut that line down. 

One of the biggest beefs was surrounding an Aged Dan Marino and his future. It was time for Marino to retire after the team did all they could to get Marino a ring. It is a hard decision to make for any player and especially for someone like Marino who was still chasing that illusive ring it was hard. The truth is his family and friends were not the best resource to rely on for sound information, as they would egg him on to keep playing. I on the other hand really loved Marino but started to question the wisdom at his age to keep playing because I feared him getting a life-altering injury that would affect him after he retired so I wanted Marino to walk away healthy, and my post reflected that opinion. I was not popular due to my stance and to this day have no regrets because Marino is healthy and still has a chance to get a SB ring as part of team management. 

Fast forward to today and Miami’s current starting QB Tua Tagovaiola and the dilemma he finds himself in. Tua has had a severe had Trama and was concussed in the last game he played and many felt he also suffered a concussion the previous Sunday against Buffalo and after clearing the concussion Protocall went back into that game against Buffalo and also played the following Thursday game just 4 short days later where he was carted off the field after what the entire world watched Tua suffer a concussion and his fingers lock up in an optic that will be permanently etched in all of our minds as they showed it over and over again! 

Many question why Tua was let back into the Buffalo game and why he was not held out of the game vs the Bengals in a short turnaround week. (Hindsight at its finest) I am not here to talk about whether he should or should not have been allowed to play in either game after he stumbled in the Buffalo game, but I find myself wondering if it is time for Tua to retire? Unlike Marino who was at the end of his career, Tua is still young and has a bright and lucrative future before him if he can somehow AVOID another concussion or major injury as we all know he has had his share of them. 

I am sure Tua wants to get back on the horse and keep playing and it is not ruled out of Tua playing the next home game vs the Vikings. 

Concussions happen every week and the good thing about what happened to Tua vs the Bengals is that it forces the league to address and make changes to a protocol that seems too not be stringent enough. 

I personally feel Miami at the very minimum should have placed Tua on I/R (the 4-week version) and let him heal up as nobody truly knows even till this day the true severity of “Bain Damage” these players are getting as more research needs to be done and it is truly serious as it could eventually bring down the most popular sport in this Country BY MILES!!!! 

As a fan I want Tua back ASAP but as a caring human being I wonder if I should take the same stance, I took on Marino back in the day. The only difference is I am not as attached to Tua as I was to Dan, but I hope the best for whatever decision Tua makes moving forward. 

2 thoughts on “Should Tua Retire?”

  1. I never played competitive football. I was a track guy. I just wonder if Tua was my son how I would feel seeing him on the field but I know it happens all the time most likely EVERY GAME. I just think it was the worst time for that to happen in a game that was the only show that day. The overreaction was and is crazy!

  2. I’ve had 3 concussions in my lifetime and suffered no long-term effects, and got over them within a week. He got knocked out, plain and simple. He’s not the first guy this has happened to and he won’t be the lastit happens in boxing, MMA, hockey, and even baseball all the time. Everyone in sports knows the inherent risks involved.

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