Miami @ NY Jets

I will call this the “Brother Syndrome” for the entire AFC East Division. This is a story of 4 Brothers Pat, Bill, Dolph and Jet all by age, Pat being the older brother and starting to show signs of wear and tear after beating up on his siblings for far too many years (1995-2019 20 seasons and six SB’s) Bill is now the bully of the family as he has manhandled Pat who dominated him while at the same time whooped up on Dolph 7 out of 8 fights, just recently losing a close one, all the while young brother Jet has had to endure that Young Brother treatment from everybody! 

This year Jet added some muscle and is starting to flex a little bit sitting at 2-2 and his brother just ahead of him Dolph is coming to fight. 

It’s starting to shape up that the AFC East is one of the better divisions in the NFL and despite preseason predictions that the AFC West would rule the AFC so far early on it’s been our division. 

Miami is currently 2-0 vs our division beating both New England and Buffalo and now we head to a cocky young brass Jets team that is feeling themselves and why not they hit t out of the park in this past draft and has been building through the draft over the last two seasons and it appears it’s starting to pay dividends. Buffalo is in year 4 of their rebuild Miami year 3 and the Jets year 2 while the Patriots are suffering for allowing Bill Belichick to be their GM over these years. 

On to the Matchup: 

  • Where: MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ  
  • When: Oct 9, 2022 
  • Time: 1 p.m. ET 
  • Weather: 63°F / Sunny 
  • Point Spread: Dolphins (-3.0) 
  • O/U 45.5 
  • TV: CBS 

Matchup: on Offense

Miami goes into Met life ranked 10th in Total Offense while the Jets are ranked 8th in total offense the Dolphins are producing 361 total yards per game while the Jets are producing 364.5 total yards per game. Both teams seem to rely heavily on their passing game while neither are not rushing the ball particularly well. 

Matchup: on Defense

Miami’s defense enters the game ranked in the bottom of the league in total defense (ranked 27th) giving up on average 403 a game! They seem to be doing a decent job at stopping the run, but their pass defense is not even close to where it should be at least when you consider the talent even with Byron Jones not showing up so far this season. The good thing is they are bending but not breaking as they give up many yards but not many points. Somehow, they need to tighten up because this inability to get off the field is killing Miami. Turnover is down and INTs are nonexistent. 

The Jets on the other hand, are ranked 10th in total defense giving up 326.5 yards a game and have a young defense that is starting to play up to their potential. 

The Strategy: 

Back to the “Brother Syndrome” the Jets are the young brother that seems to feel he is ready to fight back, and the Dolphins are on their radar! Miami is suffering injuries particularly in the secondary as Jones has yet to suit up this season and I feel that has affected Howard’s game to some extent even though there are some good signs that our young CBs in Kader Kohou have exceeded expectations. 

The Jets top pick in this past draft was Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner and so far, he has lived up to his draft status unlike a certain player Miami wasted a pick on in the first round two years back that cannot even get on the field. You Noah who I am talking about? 🙂 

My Take: 

I am not sure how much longer this division can overlook the Jest as they are a young team that is starting to show promise lead by QB Zach Wilson drafted in the first round two years ago and who is developing very well along the way. They also have RB Breece Hall who I coveted in this past draft, and he too is coming into his own. A young defense that also is developing very well and do not be surprised if they upset one of the teams in our division. Will it be this Sunday? I hope not. 

Miami needs to finally find their run game and try and control the time of possession and they cannot turn the ball over and that might be a tall task with Bridgewater starting. 


Miami 27, Jets 10 

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