Miami Dolphins 1st Quarter Grade: A

I recall before the season started, looking at the week one power rankings I thought to myself, they really were underestimating the Dolphins ranking them 19th behind just about every team and in particular the AFC West. That was the division that everybody swore was the best division in the league.

Now as a self admitted HOMER I was trying to understand why so many had so little faith in our Dolphins when I knew we had a very special defense and the additions made on offense this offseason would make that unit better. So if the last two seasons we just missed the playoffs ( 10-7 2020 and 9-8 2021), then in my mind that makes Miami a team that should be contending for at LEAST the playoffs!

My biggest concern was the same as many who looked at the Dolphins schedule and looking at the first 4 games (The First Quarter of the season) and like many I was just hoping for a 2-2 record or better but also knew it could have turned out 1-3 and dreaded the ide of another 0-4 start to the season. Remember Brian Flores’ slow starts to the every season he coached? That was the main reason why his teams failed to make the playoffs!!!

Look at the Dolphins now? They have exceeded even my best hope that 2-2 would be a good start. So how can I not give this team an A for the first quarter and had they pulled off the win in Cincy the grade would have been an A+!

The crybabies all have their excuses as to why their teams lost to Miami. But our Dolphins beat some of the best teams in the league… New England, ranked 18th in the week one power rankings, (See Link Above) Baltimore, ranked 10th in the week one power rankings, Buffalo, ranked number 1 in the week one power ranking and was by all accounts potentially going undefeated in 2022 by some of their HOMER fans. I can’t throw too much shade on the Bills Mafia. They are some really cool fans donating to Tua’s foundation after suffering his injury last Thursday. At 3-0 the Dolphins were off to their best season since 2018.

The Dolphins even took the Bengals to the wire on their home field, despite losing Tua mid game. Nobody had Miami 3-1 after the first quarter not even the biggest Dolphins homer in the country (Guilty)

So Miami is off to the best start one could imagine and this teams offense is still a work in progress!

See you next quarter!!!!

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