I’m 100% Sold!!!!

I admit that I have been waiting to fully buy into our new HC because this is his first year. We all know how things tend to start off well with these new HC’s and quickly go south!

Even with the win, I can honestly say “THAT” didn’t sell me. What has sold me is what Mike McDaniel said in his press conference today and I have 100% bought in to this guy!

In his press conference he said these few words that resonated with me…..

“If we’re on the journey that we want to be, that should be the worst game that we play all year, that you should always be getting better,” 

That is what I want to hear from our HC after a win. This is because he is correct, that win was not GOOD ENOUGH because they should have scored 30+ points IMO.

Mike McDaniel is raising the bar and expectations!

He is doing it with a team that needs to be pushed to be better because they can be!

I love his message and he has the ear of his team……and the entire league.

It’s difficult not to like this guy. He is not just blowing smoke up his players butts but he’s pushing them to a higher level it’s called “ELITE” and I know he will get this team there because they respect him.

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