New England @ Miami Review

I am not the one to complain when we get a win because they truly are not easy to come by, especially against a Bill Belichick team. With the start of the season looking like a daunting task it was nice to get this win.

Just as I had hoped the defense was the key to this win with 3 turnovers and a score. The offense on the other hand played about how I expected. However, if they continue to get better as the season moves along and they hit their stride at the right time, I can see a very good offense. 

I am not sure if the O-Line is good enough even though they are better than last year.

The play calling was really effective and the pre-snap motion is so exciting. I look forward to their development during the season.

The Good

Tua had a very solid game. I thought he took some sacks that he should not have, if he just threw the ball away. He also had a couple of bonehead passes that he was fortunate not to have been intercepted.

Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle both had very productive games, despite the Patriots playing 6 DB’s throughout the game.

Chase Edmonds despite the offense not having the best run game (or at least what we are expecting) I thought Chase Edmonds had a very solid all around game.

Mami’s defense after a slow start made the plays to get this team moving in the right direction. ( Xavien Howard with a tipped ball on a pass that Javon Holland picked off to prevent the Pats from scoring a TD on their opening drive)

Brandon Jones played a stellar game with 6 tackles, 5 assits and 1 strip sack that led to a TD. Both of our young safeties played well today.

Melvin Ingram had an excellent game. Not only did he set the edge and stuffed run plays, he was the recipient of the Brandon Jones strip-sack, he was right there to pick up the ball and score A TD!

Zach Sieler and Christian Wilkins also had an excellent performance in the middle, stopping the run.

Kader Kohou also played lights out!

Play and Call of the Game

The most impressive play of the game (even though there were several especially on defense) was the 4th and 7 call to go for it on the Dolphins 42 yardline. It was both a gutsy call and perfectly executed.

The Bad:

There really was nothing bad but I was not impressed with the run game. This is a work in progress but I did see some flashes that as they move on this season gives me hope for the future…..

Run Blocking needs to be better.

Tua held on to the ball and threw a few errant passes. This is what he needs to avoid, it seems he does it once or twice a game, he was just fortunate they did not result in turnovers.

Did Jaelan Phillips play? (Sarcasum)

Defense slow start…

With a 17 point lead, there was a lack of aggression on defense. I wanted them to pin their ears back and attack………did not happen.

End of the game play calling, with a lead and a few minutes left in the game instead of running the ball to eat the clock they continued to pass the ball. (Might be because of their iability to run the ball effectivly.)

It was the first game for Miami’s new head coach and his offensive system and a defense that has remained in tact for the most part. For their first game, coming away with a win, I can say it was a successful start with plenty of room for improvement.

4 thoughts on “New England @ Miami Review”

  1. No I did not get your email I am not sure what address you sent it to but it is better to text me or even call (would love to talk with you) My number is in my contact above.

  2. Some people just are envious of other QB’s that are better and will never be satisfied with Tua especially considering we passed up on Herbert.

    I am sure at the time had we taken Herbert over Tua and Tua thrived with The Chargers they would be upset that we passed on Tua!

  3. Always good to get a win. Tua had a 104 passer rating and people are still trashing him. I just don’t get it

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