Miami Dolphns 2022 “Pratice Squad”

Miami Dolphins Current Pratice Squad (9 Men) they can add up to 16 players on their PS this year.

  • RB ZaQuandre White
  • DB Verone McKinley
  • WR Braylon Sanders
  • WR River Cracraft
  • DT Ben Stille
  • OT Larnel Coleman
  • OLB Cameron Goode
  • DE Porter Gustin
  • CB Kalon Barnes

Origins of the football practice squad

First used by legendary coach Paul Brown with the Cleveland Browns in 1946, Brown subverted AAFC salary rules for a 33-man roster by stashing a group of players using fake jobs for Yellow Cab of Cleveland. Brown, who was friends with the owner of the cab company, made this arrangement and the team would pay the reserve group of players — who obviously never drove a cab.

They were dubbed the “Taxi Squad,” and when word spread of Brown’s scheme, everyone started doing it. Teams around the AFL and NFL kept Taxi Squads, which lasted until 1965 when the NFL finally changed its roster rules to expand teams to 40 players, with an unregulated additional list of players placed on a “Futures List” for teams to pull from as needed.

Over the years the NFL has tweaked the size of Taxi/Practice Squads, either modifying their numbers or eliminating them all together — but the true, modern Practice Squad was established with the 1993 collective bargaining agreement. (Thanks To SBNATION)

Click on the link to SBNATION and read the entire article it’s a good read!

2 thoughts on “Miami Dolphns 2022 “Pratice Squad””

  1. I need to get you the two tickets for Buffalo, so make sure you reach out to me so we can make arrangements my number in the contact above is accurate call me when you can..

  2. Thanks for the history lesson. And I’m glad to see Cracraft didn’t get snatched up. I feel he can step in if someone gets hurt.

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